Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting Monday 15th November 2021

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Committee Meeting Thursday 6th February 2020

Venue – George Hotel

Apologies for absence



Ivan Curties 
Richard Utting
Graham Silburn
Neil Coward
Alex McIntosh
David McGlasson
David Richardson

Minutes of previous meeting

These were approved and signed as a correct record


ACTION LIST reviewed as follows:


·         GS to put together a Who’s Who Committee sheet – just needs updated to reflect Alex McIntosh in the treasure role

·         GS to email committee and helpers that anything that needs publicising should be forwarded to Paul Parker so the website is kept current and is a consistent source of club news – GS and NC will update the site due to Pauls issues with the site admin with related to his IT kit

·         GS to circulate details of newsletter – awaiting Mail Chimp reconcile

·         CL to provide NC with membership and Mail Chimp databases for reconcile – provided NC with Mail Chimp access and reconcile planned to be completed in next 2 weeks


Ivan Curties

·         Sunderland club to arrange inter club match – ongoing

·         IC to draft email for circulation to rest of the committee for helpers before sending it to the general membership – ongoing.

·         IC to investigate use of screens in club by the iPad to display club info – news / tournaments / champions etc – acquired screen power supply needs to be arranged



Richard Utting

·         RU to fix door beading – complete

·         RU to organise external banners - complete

·         RU review and distribute the club rules to committee – distributed to committee members but committee need to decide on any updates


Neil Coward

·         Speak with juniors parents and helpers requesting help to formalise child welfare policies – complete DM/DR providing documents with support provide by committee as required

·         NC to confirm and put up junior rota for Jan and Feb - complete

·         Assist GS/CL in synchronising the membership and Mail Chimp databases – ongoing planned to complete by 14th Feb

·         NC to discuss future family squash sessions with Ben Hoyle and other potential helpers hooking up to Facebook page and promoting at junior coaching – GS spoke with Ben and sessions depends on Ben’s free time


Child Protection

David McGlasson (DM) and David Richardson (DR) presented draft Child Protection policy, which was accepted by the committee with a few minor amendments.  NC’s role as Welfare Officer due to needs to be reviewed as junior coaching role could lead to a conflict of interest.  David Richardson raised potential issue of coaching liability cover.



·         NC/DM to draw up contact list of child protection information to be displayed in the club

·         GS to draw emergency poster to include club location and contacts i.e. doctors to be displayed in the club

·         NC/DM to investigate secure storage for child protection documents at the club

·         NC to approach likely candidates to gauge their interest in the Welfare Officer role

·         DM to contact Chris Lilley regarding PRUFC liability cover

·         DM to contact Guy Huxtable for advice on specific details to be included/excluded in club policy

·         RU to review club rules regarding child protection

·         All committee to provide feedback on supporting documents before March committee meeting


Committee Roles

Alex McIntosh has accepted the treasure role on the committee, nominated by RU and seconded by NC.  Approaches to Sarah Wilson, Grant Rowley and Ashley Toft for Social Secretary/Secretary positions.




·         GS to help AM take on the Treasure role with assistance from Chris Lilley

·         RU to continue with social promotional tasks with a view to approaching those named above.


Repairs and Maintenance

Door beading is fixed.



·        None at this stage


Membership, subscriptions and accounts

Membership totals remained stable with 8 people cancelling replaced by 8 new members.  Meters are up 3% for the same period last year.  Membership is expected to increase in the new year.



·         NC to remind new juniors attending junior coaching the advantages of becoming a member.


Mailchimp Reconcile

Work reconciling membership and club emails continues with the aim of having members details stored in one secure repository which will be the website admin pages hooked up to Mailchimp. 



·         NC/GS to ensure the Mailchimp database is up to date by the 14th Feb.


Website Administration

Paul Parker has been experiencing issues updating the website related to his IT hardware.  This makes site updates difficult and untimely.  As an interim measure NC has agreed to help GS cover this role.



·         GS to provide NC with website admin overview



Welcome Packs/Code change

The modified welcome pack to newsletter will be sent out once the Mail Chimp database has been updated.



·         GS working with NC to sync the Mail Chimp data.



Supplier of new shirts has let us down and shirts not delivered. 



·         To consider further for the new season


Club Image – posters and door wraps, signage and pictures

External banners to be organised by RU.

Tin posters have been provided and will be displayed when the new team shirts arrive in the new season.  IC has provided a TV display, with power source still to arrange

No further report from GS regarding door wraps



·         GS to speak with Ben Brooksby about power supply for screen

·         RU to organise external banners as agreed at the previous meeting


Family Day

No further Family Day’s planned at present.



·         NC to discuss future sessions with Ben Hoyle and other potential helpers hooking up to Facebook page and promoting at junior coaching


Club Development / PRUFC Proposal

Chris Lilley is awaiting the structural engineer report before the refurbishment proposal can be progressed with PRUFC.



·         None until structural engineer report has been issued




Sports Relief – Monday 9th – 13th March is the Sports Relief week and the committee needs to decide what if any activities we would like to run and promote.


League Rules – IC to issue contact rules/penalties with the aim of prompting members to play their games in the allotted time.


Leagues Displayed on Website – This will avoid need for emailing members and maintaining an up to date list of contacts.  GDPR needs to be reviewed before commencing.



·         Committee - to brain storm for potential events e.g. 24 hour Racketlon

·         IC to issue contact rules/penalties when the March leagues are issued

·         IC to review club GDPR policy regarding contact info on the website


The meeting concluded at 09.00pm.


Date of next meeting – 5th March 7pm at the George

Committee Meeting – Wednesday 29th November 2017 at 7.00pm

Venue – Crosskeys


Present: Richard Utting (Chair), Chris Lilley (Treasurer & Subscription Secretary), Neil Coward (Junior Leader), Mark Rhodes (Website & 2nd Team Captain) and John Scott (Tournaments/Club Mark)

Apologies for Absence

Ivan Curties (Junior Section)


Minutes of the last meeting

These were signed as a true and correct record


Matters Arising

All actions reviewed and actions agreed as per list supplied after the previous meeting. As follows:


· Corporate – all agreed as follows:

Ø RU and CL to proceed as agreed at the meeting of 12th October (see minutes) – organise for January

· Membership Survey - ACTION: RU to send out via website in January

· Cleaning – RU to chase CleanSpec re: cleaning of changing rooms and showers.

· New main sign on club house

ACTION: erection of sign in January

· Guttering and fascia at rear – Action - RU to chase Shaun Marston


· Corporate as above

· Thermostats and showers – one shower completed.

ACTION: to organise for the remaining showers to be completed by paying Rob. Estimate to obtain


· Social Media – seems unlikely that this is a high priority as there is no one to take this on.



· Website & Mail Chimp –MR has reviewed some areas but RU to send his changes


· Clubmark – to review once tournaments are completed. Low priority at present.


· Child Welfare/Guy Huxtable – meeting to arrange with GH for either 6th, 13th or 20th December. RU to contact with dates. JS, CL, RU, IC and NC to attend

ACTION: RU to advise on date and time of meeting


Accounts & Subscription Update

CL – noting to report other than the fact that the club was doing well.

ACTION – CL to forward accounts by email.


Club Development including:

· General Maintenance – to consider further in January with sign etc

· Court 3 – due to continuing water ingress it was agreed that the court should be closed for future use and that polythene should be put down to stop any further water damage.

Other uses to be considered e.g. table tennis tables etc.

ACTION: polythene to obtain and put down and court to be closed by January. To advise members via website

· England Squash & Club Mark - as above

· On line booking system –after review of Neil’s system and Wazygoose it was agreed to proceed with Neil’s and for this to be up and running by the end of January 2018.


Ø Neil confirmed that it will need its own operating system – NC to organise

Ø NC to manage system

Ø Court 3 to be removed from booking system

Ø Use instructions for members to be created and to be part of ‘Welcome Pack’ for new members. Also to be put on website

Ø Need to ensure that all new members get log in details as soon as their membership is confirmed.


Membership Development

· Juniors – lower numbers but still operating reasonably successfully. RU confirmed that he had emailed Beaconside, St Catherines and North Lakes schools. Agreed that contact should also be made with Newton Rigg

· Seniors – nothing to report

· Social/Family Squash – look at some sessions in January. To consider further

· Corporate – as above



· Juniors & Adult – nothing to report


Open Nights/Tournaments/Teams & Leagues

· Handicap Tournament fixed for Friday 1st December

· Open - to be held in April 2018 – date to be agreed.


Advertising and Promotion – update on:

Ø Website & Mail Chimp – as above

Ø Banners & Signs – as above

Ø Sponsorship – nothing to report

Ø Social Media – as above



Fees for non-members – it was agreed that these should be clarified as there was some confusion over rates.

Club night

Ø Adult - £3 + £2 non-member fee

Ø Child (under 18 and Students) - £1.50 + £1 non-member fee

Visitor fees at all other times - £2 per session + meter fees (£1 for under 18’s and students)

Above to be communicated on website and via posters in club house