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Welcome to Digger, Graham Silburn and Rob Elliot who have all joined the leagues for December.

We hope players will not mind Ivan slotting Graham and Digger into the top slots. He hopes that most of you will realise that is the logical place to put them, although Ben may want to change this!

It does mean that no promotions will occur this month but we hope that most of you will agree that it much better to now have 3 full boxes which will be all harder as good players have shuffled down.

We now only need two new players to fill Box 4.


Meeting Minutes

There has been some calls that committee meeting minutes should be posted on the website so members can see what is being discussed and what decisions are being made.

The most recent minutes will be posted shortly.


Junior Meter Fees

It has been agreed to reduce meter fees for juniors by 50% by the use of special meter coins. These can be purchased through Chris Lilley by contacting him on 07740933989, via the Junior Club (Neil Coward) or via our contact page on the website.


Court 3

This has been closed until further notice. Unfortunately, due to water damage to the floor, is has been decided that it is too dangerous to use.

Several attempts have been made, at considerable expense, to stop water getting onto the court floor but this has proved not to be entirely successful.


Members Survey

A member’s survey will be circulated after Christmas to gather views of all our members. We hope you will take part and let us know your thoughts.


On-line booking

This will be available from the beginning of February now we have an internet connection in the club. Further advices and instructions will follow.


Handicap Tournament

This took place on Friday 1st December and turned out to be a great success with a good turnout and many hard fought games.

This year’s winner of the main comp was Mark Jackson who beat a very valiant and hardworking Wayne Russell. The Plate competition was won by Stewart Burton who beat Peter Huggett.

The clubs Open Tournament is schedules for April next year.


Non-member fees

These have been reviewed and are as follows:

For club night – Adults - £3 + £2 non-member fee; child (under 18) - £1.50 + £1 non-member fee

At all other times - £2 per session + meter fees (£1 for under 18’s)


Rackets, Balls and grips

May I remind all members that these are available for purchase though Chris Lilley on 07740933989.


And finally, all that is left for me to say is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and let us hope a very peaceful New Year.


Richard Utting (Chairman

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