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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed for Painting and General Maintenance

at the Clubhouse
As with so many aging things and persons, some remedial work is now needed on our Clubhouse. Specifically, there is some internal and some external painting to carry out this weekend. The external painting will of course be subject to weather conditions, and both will be subject to your availability to help.

 If you can volunteer some time over between 4th-6th October towards these painting efforts, it would be very much appreciated. Please indicate your willingness to help by replying to  graham@penrithsquash.co.uk stating when you will be available and how we should contact you, then we will get some work parties organised.

 Please Note: If you cannot help, then a response is neither expected nor required; we know you would if you could.

 Many thanks for your support

 Club committee

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