Contactless Light Meter System

We are delighted to announce that we have just installed a contactless payment system to pay for the squash court lights. (Photo shown below)

The ‘card machine’ is situated between courts 1 & 2, and controls all three courts. Each court has two payment options: £1.00 / 9 minutes & £2.00 / 18 minutes. The display switches between showing the court/time and the court/cost options.

Just select the correct court and the amount, and when prompted, present your card or phone. This will send one or two ‘pulses’ to the selected light meter, mimicking the input of a pound coin.

The advantages of this arrangement are that all the existing features of the light meters are retained:

– Still take pound coins or the junior white tokens
– The pause button option
– Use of the over-ride key for teams and competitions
There is no cost to members in using the contactless option and will reduce the number of times we have to empty the meters and bank the proceeds.

Any queries, please contact Chris Lilley or a member of the squash club committee.